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Deep Condition or Detox Treatments

Removing the layer of buildup & residue with allow your scalp to breath will allow your hair care products will work better. Unclogging your follicles will give your hair & scalp the environment it needs to grow thicker & healthier.
A Deep Condition or Detox can be an extra 15-30 minutes when added to a color & cut appointment. Let us know ahead of time so we can add the additional time to your appointment.

QiQi Treatments

QiQi is for perfect for people that love keratin results but want something that is healthier and last longer. There are 3 levels of QiQi results…
Frizz Free Treatment
Cut the frizz without altering natural texture. It should be refreshed every 3 months to maintain the “frizz free” look
Smoothing Treatment
This treatment will eliminate frizz as well as soften natural texture.
Straightening Treatment
This is the strongest QiQi treatment. It can make your hair frizz free and straight and has permanent results (with the exclusion of new growth). This can be retouched as needed based on your natural texture vs the straight hair.

We encourage you to call as soon as possible especially if you have a date in mind. We will do our best to accommodate. Some of our stylists can book 4-5 weeks in advance. We do have a wait list in case of cancellations.

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Hair Stylist | Hair Treatments | Waxing | Deva Cut

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Hair Stylist | Hair Treatments | Waxing

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Hair Stylist | Hair Treatments | Waxing

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Hair stylist | Make-Up Artist | Hair Treatments | Waxing

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