Born, raised, and living her life here in the Libertyville area, Vickie has been a licensed professional hairstylist for over 25 years.

Her passion for hair began early while in high school. She became licensed out of high school after attending the local vocational school. Hair design and all aspects of it continue to be a great love and undeniably a true gift. She has an ongoing thirst for knowledge and provides most hair services with a devotion to quality and detailed work. Her true favorite is blow drying, finishing, and styling work. If one can imagine, over 25 years she has attended countless classes, which have taken her around the states and once to Italy.

Additionally, she has mentored many new and aspiring hair stylists over the years who have moved on to become successful and passionate artists.

Her hobbies outside of designing hair are cooking Sunday breakfasts, finding inspiration on Instagram and design books, helping friends and family decorate their houses, being in nature by gardening, listening to music, or just hanging with the dogs, cat, and chickens living a rather quiet and simple life with her husband and twin daughters.
You can find her in the salon 4 days a week Tues-Saturday